About Us



Established in 2020, VibeLots was created with one goal in mind: to create an awesome marketplace dedicated exclusively to Buying, Selling and Trading Musical Gear. 

Core Values - One of our main goals is to make transacting business affordable for the buyers and sellers. Many businesses are exhausted at the never-ending fees that some of the big name companies have levied on their sales. We think it sucks to sell an item and loose 15-25 % in End of Sale fees, PayPal fees, fees on shipping charges, additional listing fees, Etc. In many cases that is the entire margin of an item! We have all been there we are committed to doing it better!

Value - We believe that selling items should be simple and fair and not price dependent. Selling a vintage Gibson cost the same as selling a set of string. Cool right? Because we don't take a fee from the sale of YOUR item we encourage the buyers and sellers to interact and negotiate.

Ad-Free - An important aspect of VibeLots is that we are committed to an Ad- Free environment. Ad sites and many classified sites have become absurd! You just want to look for your items without a popup every 5 seconds or items that look real but are clever ads intent on redirection. We have seen many of these popular platforms continue to get worse and we know that the users are fed up. We are committed to only serving our members

Commitment - We hope you have an enjoyable experience onVibeLots and we are committed to giving you the best user experience. Please feel free to contact us with your recommendations to improve this platform. We look forward to doing our best for you!